Hello peeps, To get an overall idea of my blog’s all-embracing background, Imma shed light onto who I am off the bat. Let’s start with the basics! My name is Kahina Adane and I’m about to turn 26. The blog at hand will be a good way for me to record what’s uppermost on my … Continue reading A FEW WORDS ABOUT ME

Daybreak Thoughts : Self-worth

Guys many apologies! It’s been about a fortnight since I last wrote (if not more), not because I’m idle or something, but I was elsewhere engaged. Plus, I didn’t want to display an undeserving, groundless and sloppy work. For a long time, I’ve been wrestling with whether or not I deserved to be quite happy, … Continue reading Daybreak Thoughts : Self-worth

What are you most afraid of?

K A H I N A | 93'

That black cockroach parading in the room like the ASOS model presenting the newest spring collection with swagger to promote its brand, or like the Queen Elizabeth roaming around greeting her people, huh? LMAO. More seriously guys! Life has such a sharp blade, and it is so tough that we definitely need some kind of love to help us make it through, don’t we?

Sometimes you just get days like these when
many questions run through your mind. As for me (and for many of you), the very
idea that my family gets hurt makes my soul shiver; losing them is my deepest
fear in this gloomy world. I mean, when you take a better look at things
surrounding you, only your family puts up with you and upholds you no matter
what, while the people who were once closest to you turn into unrecognizable
random folks fading away with…

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Clean out my closet

K A H I N A | 93'

Dream big they say! But hey, what if our dreams we
used to cling on get thwarted in their plans by “destiny” in one go? How
could we manage life’s unforeseen contingencies tending to rain on our parade?

This is somewhat of a rhetorical question, for the situation will certainly get
out of hand, and the whole thing will seem like a runaway train, SMH!

In my former article entitled “What are you most
afraid of?” I told you I was going to talk about someone special to me as a
glimpse of my next topic to write about. But for this, I should tryna provide
you a look back into my life before. So let’s dig up the past together!

This may seem a bit far-fetched, and I myself may
sound like a drama queen, but the truth is I remained trapped in this burdensome
and ubiquitous past which…

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